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Space Mountain is a popular enclosed roller coaster ride at five Disney theme parks. the enclosed design allows controlled lighting to selectively hide portions of the track. This greatly increases the element of surprise experienced by riders, which can compensate for the absence of some of the track elements typically required to make outdoor coasters exciting. the roof has the distinct feature of having the roof supports on the outside of the roof. the reasoning was so the inside roof would have a flat surface for projecting stars and elements onto it. It also gives the building a very modern look that has stood the test of time.
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Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom

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Walt Disney World's Space Mountain was the first Space Mountain built at any of the "Disney" parks. It was the world's first rollercoaster ride that was completely controlled and operated by a computer system. It was originally conceived to be partially outdoors, but it was changed after research proved that the Florida weather would not work well with the coaster. the attraction is very different from all of the other incarnations in that there are actually two separate tracks (very similar in design to Disneyland's Matterhorn Bobsleds) instead of just the one, although both tracks on the attraction are nearly identical. Also, the rockets used on the Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom version carry visitors single-file instead of being side-by-side like in all of the other Disney Space Mountain's.
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