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Spectro Magicat Magic Kingdom

(On special nights) Bask in the glow as your favorite Disney characters illuminate the night in this dazzling parade. Every conceivable form of illumination from rainbows of colored lights to dizzying arrays of fiber optics light up smiles for miles around. Marvel at the pageantry as Mickey and company star in this magical, glittering spectacle featuring half a million lights!

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Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World
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Spectro Magic at Magic Kingdom

Spectro Magic is an evening parade presented semi-nightly at Disney's Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Produced by longtime Disney Show Producer Ron Logan, it is similar to the Main Street Electrical Parade, which was its predecessor. The parade incorporates elaborate, brightly lit floats, a musical score, and many sound effects. The floats are populated with Disney characters and represent scenes from Disney's movies and short films.

In the parade there 29 units, and 7 whirly units giving a grand total of 36 units in the parade.

Disney refers to floats as "units." Each unit has a driver cleverly hidden in the unit. All audio is controlled through DTMF tones transmitted by RF signals from the antennas on Cinderella's Castle to each unit. Each unit has its own audio themed to the unit that gets overlayed on top of the parades theme which plays on the zone speakers, between units, along the sides of the parade route. Each zone is anywhere between 70 to 80 ft in length. When a unit enters a zone, the audio is faded into the zone speakers. The on-unit speakers play the audio and special sound effects for the individual units, while the zone speakers play the audio of the unit laid over the parade theme. The audio is stored on the unit as digitally encoded information. The lighting effects and other special effects are all controlled by on-board computers which initiate their own cues using a Programmable Logic Controller. The cues are sent via the antennas to the units. The main control center is located under Main Street USA. The PC (Production Center) is where all Magic Kingdom parades are stored. It is located behind Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain. In its original run in 1992 most units used Amiga software developed by Richmond Sound Design Ltd. running on Amiga computers to generate animations that were synchronized via MIDI Time Code with the local audio and projected onto the side of the unit.

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