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Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Go beyond a typical aquarium experience and immerse yourself in the world of marine life rescue at Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA). See Winter the dolphin - star and inspiration of the popular Dolphin Tale movies. These major motion pictures were filmed on location at CMA! Explore the working animal hospital. See the animal care team work with other rescued dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and otters. Be inspired by fun, educational presentations and exhibits about CMA's important ongoing work of conservation, rescue, rehabilitation and release. Enjoy a free relaxing boat or trolley ride from CMA to nearby Winter's Dolphin Tale Adventure, featuring a museum of rebuilt movie sets, Hurricane Experience exhibit, touch pools and more.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Surgery

Surgical Suite: Once the animal arrives, a team of experienced CMA staff biologists, veterinarians and volunteers create a rehabilitation plan for the animal specifically catering to its injury or illness. Sometimes the injuries are so severe, or the animal is so young, that it would not be in the animal's best interest to release it back into the wild. CMA works with agencies such as National Marine Fisheries and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to make these decisions. If the animal is unable to be released back into the wild it becomes a permanent member of the CMA family, and lives there to serve as an ambassador for their species to help CMA promote environmental conservation.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Winter and Hope

Dolphin Shows: Our resident Atlantic bottlenose dolphins are ready to show off for you! Nicholas, Indy, Panama and Winter have very unique stories as to why they can no longer reside in the wild. They want to inspire all of you to help CMA spread environmental conservation and education to all!

We will give you one warning: YOU ARE IN A SPLASH ZONE! At CMA you are able to get closer to these amazing animals than anywhere else in the world! And they reside in 100% salt water brought directly from the Gulf of Mexico. Our dolphins deserve only the best, so our water quality is monitored daily to meet the highest standards.

Winter and Hope will show you the personalized medical care that they recieve on a daily basis. Panama and Indy will show you how intelligent bottlenose dolphins are by the complex behaviors they are learning. But one thing is for sure, they will all show you their grace, power and beauty by the amazing aerial behaviors we all love to see! We hope you find our dolphin shows informative, interactive and entertaining so we can all work together toward achieving environmental preservation for marine mammals around the world.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Sea Turtle

Turtle Cove: Turtle Bayou is approximately 35,000 gallons, and is about ten feet deep. The front area of this tank was constructed with artificial rock and coral formations to mimic a natural environment. This area will usually house permanent resident turtles. The area in the back of the pool can be used as one large or two smaller pools for rehab turtles. This deep pool is great for rehab turtles when we are preparing them to be released back into the wild.

Turtle Bayou: is a 30,000 gallon tank that is approximately six feet deep. This tank is divided into three sections and may be used for both permanent residents and rehab turtles. We can house multiple turtles in each section. However, the back section will be reserved for large rehab turtles. There is a platform for each section and a submersible platform which can be attached to any of the platforms for easy access to the turtles.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Stingray

Stingray Beach: Experience stingrays first hand, actually with your hands! Our touch tank offers you the chance to feel a ray and discover their surprisingly gentle nature. We clip off their barbs to ensure visitor safety while we dispel the bad reputation these creatures have been saddled with. Check out additional touch critters that share their tank. Our sea turtle nesting exhibit and video complete the beach experience.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Otter

Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Shark

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Clearwater Marine Aquarium