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A giant tornado has lifted an entire building off it's foundation and carried it hundreds of miles. The building, a research laboratory from an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle, has landed in Orlando, Florida, upside-down and completely intact. The swirling vortex was accidentally created by some of the world's greatest scientists who study unexplainable phenomena at this top-secret, highly advanced research facility


WonderWorks Orlando Florida

WonderWorks Discount Tickets

Visitors will experience the trembling of earthquakes, be blown away by hurricane-force winds, and surround themselves with some of the most unique virtual reality experiences available anywhere in the United States.

The most eye-catching feature of WonderWorks is the attraction's dramatic exterior; a three-story tall, classically-designed building that appears to have landed upside down atop a 1930s-era brick warehouse.

WonderWorks is a fun-filled interactive attraction featuring a myriad of hands-on experiences and activities. Our exhibits utilize some of the most sophisticated graphic and audio presentation techniques available. Activities range from a realistic and simulated earthquake to virtual reality. Throughout WonderWorks you will actively participate in some of the most imaginative displays and exhibits found in any facility in the United States.

WonderWorks in Orlando Florida

Also, enjoy fresh hand-tossed pizza daily at the
WonderWorks Cafe.

WonderWorks Discount Tickets

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