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UCF Arena - Orlando Florida

UCF Arena is the largest live entertainment and sports facility in East Orlando. The facility features a seating capacity of over 10,000 and amenities including 16 luxury suites, two loge boxes and club seating with lounge access. The facility has drastically changed the face of live entertainment in Central Florida offering a diverse lineup of shows including world famous entertainers, beloved family shows and special events rivaling any venue in the country.


Venue at UCF Arena

�The Venue� at UCF Arena opened in October 2008 and offers 1,800 seats in a theater setting. The facility is located on the north side of the UCF Arena and offers a separate entrance and box office located on East Plaza Drive.

"The Venue at UCF Arena" which was the former home of UCF Knights basketball, sits adjacent to the north side of the new UCF arena. �The Venue� has undergone a $7-million restoration that includes a new light and sound system and a separate entrance and box office. �The Venue� has been modeled after an old-fashioned musical theater boasting a combination of chair-backed bleacher seating, padded floor seats and table seating on certain occasions.

UCF Arena Seating Chart


Can Cameras/Recording Device be brought into the Arena?

A. As a general rule, cameras and recording devices of any kind are not permitted inside the UCF Arena. This is subject to change on an event-to-event basis. If photography is permitted during and event, the device's flash MUST be turned off or patron will be asked to leave the building. If by chance, a patron brings a camera or recording device to an event, the patron will be asked to return that item to his or her vehicle. The UCF Arena cannot hold any personal property belonging to a guest. For further information, please call (407)823-6006.

Q. At what time do doors open at the UCF Arena?
A. The doors generally open one (1) hour prior to the scheduled game/event time. This may vary depending on the event. Guests are encouraged to come early to avoid delays. Some events start with a BLOCK PARTY a few hours before the doors open. Guests are encouraged to attend the BLOCK PARTY and enjoy the good food, cool beverages and fun activities. Once a patron leaves the UCF Arena during an event, there is no re-entry permitted unless another ticket is purchased.

Q. When does Will Call open on the day of the event?
A. Generally, Will Call opens 90 minutes prior to the event. (Example 8:00pm show, Will Call opens at 6:30pm) Will Call is also available to be picked up 24 hours after the initial purchase.

Q. Is Alcohol available inside the UCF Arena?
A. Only during certain events will alcohol be sold at the concession stands inside the UCF Arena. NCAA restrictions do not allow the selling of alcohol at any collegiate event.

Q. What if I get hurt or someone needs medical attention?
A. If medical assistance is required, notify the nearest UCF Arena representative or go directly to the Main Office located on the first floor.

Q. Can I Re-Enter the UCF Arena if I walk outside?
A. Once a patron leaves the UCF Arena during an event, there is no re-entry permitted unless another ticket is purchased.

Q. Are the Concession Stands opened at during all events?
A. In general, there are concession stands open during all ticketed events, which serve a variety of food and drink products. There are exceptions, however. At the request of the show, concession stands could be closed.

Q. Do you have a Lost and Found Department?
A. Any items that have been lost or found should be reported to the Main Office located on the first floor of the UCF arena. Guests may call (407) 823-3070 during normal business hours to inquire about lost and found items.

Q. Is there an ATM located in the UCF Arena?
A. An ATM is located in the lobby and on the second floor.

Q. Can I smoke at the UCF Arena?
A. Smoking is not permitted inside the UCF Arena. The designated smoking area is located on the second floor's west concourse.


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