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Test Track is a partnership between Disney Imagineering and General Motors Engineering, was one of the most anticipated attractions in Walt Disney World's history.


Test Track Straight AwayTest Track Queue Area - The entire queue area resembles an industrial testing laboratory filled with actual test equipment and vehicle components.  Automotive tests performed on cars and trucks are illustrated in the Quality Zone, highlighting GM automotive technology, and the Safety Zone, displaying GM safety innovations and practices. Simulations include brake, wheel, suspension, airbag, seat belt and windshield tests.

Throughout the inner queue area there are lots of Snap-On Tools and GM test machines available for viewing. There are TV monitors placed about with short movies on testing cars and vehicles.

The queue area is very noisy! Whatever noises you could imagine in a testing laboratory for cars you will be hearing in the queue. Everything from bangs, clangs, clanks, and screeches.

Pre-Show - Once you are through the turnstiles you will enter a 2-3 minutes standing pre-show area. During that time, you will be introduced to the "testing" procedures, have a look at the ride vehicle, and have explained a little about what you will experience during the ride.

Test Track Loading ZoneTest Track -- Once you finally arrive at the loading zone you will be instructed to move to a row and then board the six-passenger Test Track vehicle. The longest and fastest Walt Disney World attraction provides you a sneak peek inside the world of automobile testing. Passengers in each "test" vehicle experience a firsthand look at how GM cars and trucks are tested before being brought onto the market.

Hill Climb Test - The "test" schedule begins with a tire-squealing, engine-roaring, three-story ascent.

Suspension Test - The passengers then descend to the second level over a series of harsh variable road surfaces.

Test Track Environmental Chamber - Heat!
Brake Test - Two passes through a circular setup of traffic cones shows how an out of control skid can become a manageable steer with ABS brakes (Automatic Break System). Rolling to a stop, guests view an instant replay of themselves performing both tests from a bird's-eye view.

Environmental Chamber Test - Vehicles are exposed to extreme heat, skin crawling cold and mist sprayed by industrial robots in a series of enclosed environmental chambers. (NOTE: You are misted in the cold and corrosive chambers but do not get "wet".) The temperature difference between hot and cold rooms is 100 degrees!

Test Track Environmental Chamber - Cold!Ride Handling Test - Once you leave the chambers, vehicles accelerate quickly up a switchback "mountain road" to a dark tunnel full of surprises.

Barrier Test - Guests feel what it's like to be a crash-test dummy. During the barrier test there are nothing but attention-grabbing, high-speed, exquisitely exciting sequence of events.

Test Track Obtains Maximum Speed of 65 mph.High-Speed Test - This is tested outside around the circumference of the building. Heading back inside, each vehicle is tested on the thermal imager, a device allowing guests to see the areas of heat generated on the vehicle and guests during testing. Maximum Speed during this test is 65mph!

Test Track Post-Show - In the post-show, interactive demonstrations and GM vehicle design and production displays, further explain the benefits of GM's vehicle-testing practices and its commitment to safety and quality. State-of-the-art interactive equipment allows guests to witness the benefits of GM's Smart Car Technology.


There is no place to eat in the immediate vicinity of the Test Track. If you walk into the Innoventions Plaza, there will be a counter service restaurant on both sides of you.


Test Track is a Fast Pass Attraction. The ride is so popular, that the Fast Pass's are usually gone by mid-afternoon.  It is not unusual to arrive at Test Track at 10:00 am to find the Fast Pass time for your return is mid to late afternoon.  Test Track remains the one Fast Pass attraction where you still encounter long waits in line, so ff possible, utilize the singles line!

Height Requirement MeasureSINGLE RIDER LINE ask the Cast Members you see on the outside part of the queue where the single rider line is. A single rider line means your party will be separated, but you will bypass the inside queue and waiting time. You will be loaded in vehicles as single spaces become available. You still see the Pre-Show.

Test Track Ride Restrictions- Must be at least 40 inches tall to ride; For safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back, or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure. Expectant mothers should not ride.

has not designed a queue area so intertwined and hard to figure out since it first devised the Jungle Cruise queue area. However, unlike the Jungle Cruise cue, there is PLENTY to see and focus on while you wait in line for Test Track.

Queue Area - Neck CalibrationThere is a HUGE queue area both inside and outside of the Test Track building! Once you are inside the building, if all 3 pre-show rooms are operating and the ride is fully functional, your wait will be between 30-60 minutes. Outside of the building, depending on the length of the lines, you could have a 1-2 hour wait! The lines continue to be long for Test Track.

Test Track is still not running 100% of the time Epcot is open. If the ride is shut down it takes about 1 hour to restart all the computers and get the vehicles rolling again.

Test Track is Child Swap Attraction. Talk to the first Cast Member you see for instruction

Test Track Kidcot Area


Test Track's Kidcot area has activities for children.


Test Track Specialty Shop - One-of-a-kind automotive collectibles and merchandise located within the post-show

Test Track CurvesTEST TRACK INTERESTING FACTS Total length of track - 5,246 ft.
Ride time duration - 5 minutes and 34 seconds
Number of miles each test vehicle will travel per year - 50,000
Number of miles each vehicle was designed to last - 1,000,000
Angle of banked curve surrounding main building - 50 degrees
Number of on board computers in each test vehicle - 3
Number of turns from beginning to end - 34
3-story incline at beginning of attraction - 15 degrees
Each vehicle has 22 wheels, four of which are visible.
Each vehicle has 6 braking systems.
Test Track replaced the World of Motion.

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