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Silver Springs Nature Theme Park

Silver Springs is a 350-acre nature theme park which surrounds the headwaters of the beautiful Silver River, the largest artesian spring formation in the world. Located 90 miles north of Orlando, just east of Ocala, Florida.

Silver Springs

Silver Springs Florida

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Here, you can view the underground springs from our famous glass-bottom boats, where you'll see fish, shellfish, turtles and alligators in water that's up to 80 feet deep and 99.8% pure. Walk the beautiful grounds and experience the natural habitats of Florida's largest alligators, endangered bears and panthers, Kritter Korral petting zoo, plus an entertaining variety of wildlife shows from Birds of Prey to snakes and reptiles. There are rides and exhibits for all ages in a natural setting of spectacular beauty. Silver Springs Park Map


Glass Bottom BoatsGlass-Bottom Boats:
A dramatic tour of seven major spring formations, including Mammoth Spring, the world's largest artesian spring.

Jungle Cruise:
An exotic voyage featuring a boat excursion down the Fort King Waterway. Animals from six continents line the banks of the river, including giraffes, zebras, emus and sable antelope.

Lost River Voyage:
This ride transports guest back in time to wild Florida as it was thousands of years ago. Cypress trees line the banks of the river where alligators, heron and osprey bask.

Jeep SafariJeep Safari:
Carries passengers deep into one of Florida's primeval forests aboard zebra-striped jeeps and trams. One of the ride's highlights includes a trip through a pond containing live alligators.

World of Bears:
World of Bears is the largest exhibit of its kind in the United States. Visible bears include brown bears, Asiatic black bears, Spectacled bears and North American black bears at Silver Springs.

Panther Prowl:
Panther Prowl offers park guest the unique opportunity to see, photograph, and learn about North America's largest wild cats; the rare and endangered Florida panther and, its close relative, the Western cougar.

Big Gator Lagoon:
More than three-dozen of Florida's largest alligators are on exhibit in a one-acre natural swamp featuring fresh spring water and basking areas. Guest view the reptiles from an elevated boardwalk.

Alligator & CrocodileAlligator & Crocodile Encounter is the second largest collection of crocodilian species in the United States. Thirteen of the world's 23 species of alligators, crocodiles, calmens and gavials are displayed in large, separate naturalistic enclosures on five-acre Cypress Island.

Believed to be the largest American crocodile in the care of man, the sobek resides in its habitat on Cypress Point. The reptile measures, on average, 16 feet and weighs nearly 2,000 pounds (1,000Kilos).

Kids Ahoy!
Play land features a replica of an 1800's riverboat permanently anchored in a shallow lagoon. On board activities include a ferris wheel, cargo climb with net bridge, slides, crawl tubes, fireman's poles, fishing games, hands-on activities and much more.

Doolittle's Petting Zoo:
Doolittle's Petting Zoo features a variety of deer and goats which park guest can get close to and feed.

Botanical Gardens:Florida Silver Springs
Silver Spring's beautiful botanical gardens feature more than 138 varieties of native and exotic plants showcased in floral sculptures and flower beds nested by the Silver river.

Reptiles of the World:
Features a collection of reptiles from four continents. Reptiles include alligators, snakes, turtles and lizards. Includes an educational presentation by experienced reptile handlers.

Creature Feature:
Showcases some of the scariest and creepiest animals of the night. Animal handlers point out interesting facts about bats, scorpions, arachnids, a five pound marine toad and giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

Florida Natives Exhibit:
Natural attraction featuring a series of "native" species of Floridian snakes, turtles, arachnids and mammals in naturalistic enclosures. This attraction includes a display case showcasing archived photographs and information on the world famous naturalist Ross Allen.

Birds of Prey Show:
Presented at the outdoor Silver River Showcase, Orlando, near the Lost River Voyage attraction. The Birds of Prey program displays each bird's strengths, survival skills and beauty in a dramatic free-flight show.

Birds of the Rainforest:
Features a flock of colorful parrots, macaws, cockatoos and toucans. Each bird performs a series of zany tricks, comical routines and demonstrates their talent at mimicking sounds.

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Silver Springs Orlando Florida Area Theme Park

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