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SeaWorld Orlando Waterfront

Inspired by the sights, sounds and character of vibrant seaports around the world, this 5-acre nautical neighborhood bustles with activity and immerses guests into a rich tapestry of festive entertainment, dining and shopping.

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando Waterfront

SeaWorld Orlando Florida Hotels

SeaWorld Orlando Waterfront

Strolling through the SeaWorld Waterfront, guests may encounter an assortment of charming residents who bring the streets to life. the Harbormaster welcomes visitors and shares tall tales of life on the sea; comedic longshoremen entertain passersby with improvisational comedy and zany antics; and various musical ensembles serenade guests with the sounds of the Mediterranean.

Eating at the Waterfront is part of the adventure, with numerous venues showcasing food as performance art. At Seaport Pizza, guests can enjoy pizza cooked to perfection with the freshest ingredients possible. At the Seafire Inn, chefs prepare stir-fry dishes for everyone to see. Both cafline eateries feature an array of food selections inspired from faraway places.

Not only is the cuisine inspired by exotic lands, the shops and boutiques at the Waterfront also have an international influence. the stores showcase wares and treasures from ports all around the world, as well as new lines designed specifically for SeaWorld -- such as the whimsical, glittering SeaFairy doll collection. Several shops also feature interactive, make-your-own gifts for an individualized keepsake, ranging from beaded jewelry to fragrant colognes and bath gels.

SeaWorld Orlando WaterfrontGuests admire an exclusive glassware collection at Under the Sun, one of the many unique shops found at the Waterfront at SeaWorld.

Artisans from the ports of Bali, Indonesia, Italy and South America demonstrate their crafts at Tropica Trading Company. Children's dreams come true at Allura's Treasure Trove when they design their own porcelain dolls -- the only such program in the United States. Under the Sun offers unique collectibles and accessories to brighten up any kitchen and home.

Regardless of time of day, the Waterfront at SeaWorld is a colorful mosaic of sights, sounds and flavors - all infused with the fun and festive spirit of the Mediterranean. Its rich blend of culture, cuisine, and characters transports the imagination to faraway lands and takes its visitors on an exotic adventure.

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Waterfront at SeaWorld | Sea World Orlando

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