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Shamu's Happy Harbor SeaWorld

an unbelievably fun, just-for-kids paradise filled with giant pink flamingos and palm trees. Little ones can conquer four stories of nets, shoot through tunnels and slip down nine slippery slides! Now with six child sized rides, Shamu's Happy Harbor promises hours of exploration!

SeaWorld Orlando

Shamu's Happy Harbor

SeaWorld Swishy Fishies

A "kid-friendly" addition includes a jellyfish-themed samba tower ride and a water spout-themed tea cup ride. Jazzy Jellies will lift and spin families in jellyfish-themed seats while Swishy Fishies will enable adventurous youngsters to sit in over-sized seats while they spin around a giant water spout.

SeaWorld Ocean Commotion

Ocean Commotion, a fanta-sea themed enormous 19-foot tug boat, will take 24 riders at a time on a swinging boat ride, gently rocking back-and-forth and whirling side-to-side. The Flying Fiddler, a giant, bright-red fiddler crab with illuminated eyes that move, fills its belly with 12 children and adults and lifts them to more than 20 feet in the air. At the height of the moment, the Flying Fiddler begins jumping in a vertical descent in a quick series of short drops, sure to bring elated faces of surprise and delight.

Sea Worl Shamu Express

Shamu Express®- the park's first family-oriented roller coaster. Themed after SeaWorld's famous killer whale, the "Shamu Express" will gently thrill 28 children and parents in killer whale-themed cars down more than 800 feet of track at 28 mph.
Shamu's Happy HarborAdding a classic element to Shamu's Happy Harbor is an elaborate Sea Carousel - a marine-themed masterpiece topped by a behemoth 45-foot-wide pink octopus. Riders board a colorful collection of 65 sea creatures including giant exotic fish, sea lions, otters, sharks and dolphins, and "float" up and down as the carousel revolves to the sounds of the sea.

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Right across from Shamu Stadium is a little kid's play area called Shamu's Happy Harbor. For years it has been a great place to allow children to burn off whatever extra energy they have.

Shamu’s Happy Harbor seeks to appeal to the youngster too antsy or uninterested to sit still for a fish no matter how big it is. Here is a way for even very young children to be entertained in that most effective of ways by doing things for themselves.

At Shamu’s Happy Harbor, you can laugh, learn, play and experience five new rides. Dive in and play today. And when you’re done online, come visit and enjoy even more fun - live, at SeaWorld Orlando.
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Shamu's Happy Harbor SeaWorld | SeaWorld Orlando

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