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Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney Magic Kingdom

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Pirates of the Caribbean Ride is last attraction Walt Disney himself oversaw, it is one of the most popular and well-known Disney attractions. Although this attraction first inspired by the popular movies, the movies have now inspired the original attraction to become greater than ever before with the addition of the "oh so famous" Captain Jack Sparrow.

The ride never was intended to be part of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort because of concerns that it would not be exotic enough due to Florida's geographic proximity to the Caribbean and New Orleans, the settings of the Disneyland attraction. Instead, Imagineers developed plans for a similar attraction called the Western River Expedition, which would have featured cowboys and Indians instead as well as banditos, coyotes, miners, and a climatic drop bigger then Pirates. After many Walt Disney World guests complained about the lack of Disney's celebrated pirate attraction, an abbreviated version opened in Florida on December 15, 1973.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is located in Adventureland, to the left of Main Street USA, at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The attraction is housed in a golden Spanish fort called Castillo Del Morro. Inside the blue bayou has been replaced by Pirate's Bay and into a short grotto with Davy Jones, dead skeletons, and the hurricane lagoon. Following the plunge down one waterfall the remainder of the ride is identical to Tokyo and California, the only scene missing is the arsenal. With the popularity of the movies also comes popularity in the attraction. After walking through the underground cavern and loading into a boat you will float through a cave that bring you to a surprising dark plunge. Between cannon shots and a trip through the city this ten minute attraction is great for all ages. Don't be too concerned about lines; each boat holds 30 people so lines go quick!

Behind the scenes on Pirates Captain Jack Sparrow!

Walt Disney Imagineering debuted the new renovations at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom in 2006, inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean feature films to coincide with the release of the second movie,
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. The renovations included other Audio-Animatronic figures of Captain Jack Sparrow, and one of Hector Barbossa, along with new special effects, improved lighting and audio, and an appearance by the films' supernatural character Davy Jones, all voiced by the original actors (Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, and Bill Nighy).

Be sure to stop by this thrilling attraction and take yourself from watching the movie, into being a part of the scenes. As you sing along with the familiar tune of “Yo ho, Yo ho, a pirates life for me,” you will realize the movies have only made this attraction a more wond”ARRR”ful experience.

Pirates of the Caribbean pirate ship Pirates of the Caribbean sign Skeletons at Pirates

Pirates of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World
  • Grand opening of Pirates of the Caribbean: December 15, 1973
  • Audio-Animatronics: 125
    • 65 pirates & villagers
    • 60 animals
  • Number of levels: 2
    • Upper caverns
    • Main show in basement
  • Total amount of water: 155,000 gallons
  • Drop length: 52'
  • Drop height: 14'
  • Drops: 1
  • Show length: 8:30
  • Required ticket: "E" (discontinued)
  • Ride system: Flume
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