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Orlando Florida November Weather - Orlando Florida Information

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November Weather In Orlando is usually warm, but not hot, and the humidity is reasonable. The chance of rain is much lower than it was just 2 months earlier, although the chance of rain in Orlando is never zero. The mild November Weather In Orlando makes this a great time for swimming, golf, and just enjoying the outdoors.  

November Orlando Weather

 Record High: 89°F
Normal High: 79°F
Normal Low: 59°F
Record Low: 29°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 2.32"
 Rec 1 Day Rain: 3.8"

November Orlando Florida Weather

In the last 68 years the highest measured November temperature inOrlando Florida was 89 degrees Fahrenheit, measured on November 5, 1959, and the standard high is 79. The coldest November day in Orlando for the past 68 years was 29 most recently registered on November 6, 1950, and the typical low is 59.

According to National Weather Service Orlando November Weather data, on November 24, 1970, the recorded high temperature did not exceed 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest high measured in Orlando in the past 68 years. NWS weather data additionally shows that on November 4, 1972, the lowest recorded temperature on that day did not drop below 73 degrees, the highest low measured in Orlando in the last 68 years.

National Weather Service data shows that the high temperature in Orlando on November First averages 81 degrees Fahrenheit and the high on the final day of November averages 71 degrees. The low recorded temperature in Orlando on November First averages 61 degrees Fahrenheit and the low temperature on the final day of November averages 50 degrees.

Orlando typically receives an average of 2.32 inches of precipitation during the month. The most rain recorded in a single day, as shown by November Orlando Weather data, was 3.8 inches on November 10, 1963.
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