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Orlando Florida January Weather - Orlando Florida Information

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January Weather In Orlando is typically very comfortable, with a lower chance of rain and comfortably warm temperatures. Orlando Water parks and swimming pools in Orlando are open year round, but it's a good idea to have secondary plans in case your not lucky. January is a very nice time of year to vacation in Orlando, unless you love to ski. January Weather In Orlando is highly recommended to anyone who is tired of the cold, so come visit SeaWorld, Walt Disney World, or Universal Studios.  

January Orlando Weather

Record High: 87°F
Normal High: 72°F
Normal Low: 50°F
Record Low: 24°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 2.43"
 Rec 1 Day Rain: 2.83"

Januaury Orlando Florida Weather

Orlando Florida the hottest day In January for the past 68 years was 87 degrees Fahrenheit, most recently registered on January 20, 1963, while the mean high temperature is 72. The record low January temperature in Orlando for the last 68 years was 24 measured on January 30, 1966, while the typical low recorded temperature is 50.

United States NWS historical Orlando January Weather data records that on January 10, 1970, the high temperature did not exceed 42 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest high measured in Orlando in the past 68 years. Weather Service records additionally indicate that on January 5, 1971, the low for the day was not measured below 68 degrees, the highest low temperature recorded in Orlando in the last 68 years.

Weather Service historical data shows that the average daily high temperature in Orlando on January First is 72 degrees Fahrenheit and the average high on the last day of January is 73 degrees. The low recorded temperature in Orlando on January First averages 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the low temperature on the final day of January averages 50 degrees.

Orlando usually receives an average of 2.43 inches of rain during the month. The most precipitation recorded on a single day in January, according to January Orlando Weather data, was 2.83 inches on January 27, 1964.

Orlando, Florida's mild climate extends into the winter months, but there is a chance for cold temperatures  even frost during the month of January in North and Central Florida.
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