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Orlando Florida February Weather - Orlando Florida Information

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Orlando Weather In February is warm enough on many days for people to swim, although you may want to wait until late morning for the sun to warm things up a little. As always in Florida, it can rain, but chances are it'll be a quick sprinkling. February is a very nice time to golf in Orlando. The water parks may also be more enjoyable later in the day. The daily temperature climbs just a few degrees during the month, it's a sign of things to come. Orlando Weather In February is a nice alternative for anyone who lives in a cold weather area. It's a good time to visit Disney World, Universal Orlando, or SeaWorld. Super Bowl weekend is rumored to be the slowest weekend of the year at the theme parks.  

February Orlando Weather

Record High: 90°F
Normal High: 74°F
Normal Low: 51°F
Record Low: 28°F
Avg Monthly Rain: 2.35"
 Rec 1 Day Rain: 3.55"

February Orlando Florida Weather

In the last 68 years the highest measured temperature in Orlando Florida for February was 90 degrees Fahrenheit, on February 18, 1962, while the average high temperature is 74. The lowest documented temperature for Orlando for the past 68 years in February was 28 registered on February 4, 1970, and the typical low is 51.

United States National Weather Service historical Orlando February weather data indicates that on February 3, 1958, the measured high temperature did not exceed 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest high measured in Orlando in the past 68 years. Weather Service data also shows that on February 27, 1971, the lowest recorded temperature for the day did not drop below 70 degrees, the highest low measured temperature in Orlando in the last 68 years.

According to the National Weather Service, the high temperature in Orlando in February on the first day of the month averages 74 degrees and the high on the last day of the month averages 76 degrees. The low measured temperature in Orlando on February First averages 51 degrees and the low on the last day of the month averages 52 degrees.

Orlando typically receives an average of 2.35 inches of precipitation during the month. The most precipitation recorded on a single day in February, according to February Orlando Weather data, was 3.55 inches on February 3, 1970.

Orlando, Florida's mild climate extends into the winter months, but there is a chance for cold temperatures  even frost during the month of February in North and Central Florida.
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