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Looking for Orlando Tickets? You have came to the right place. We can assist you in finding the best deals on Orlando Tickets at the lowest Discount Prices.

When purchasing tickets there is some important information you must take into consideration.

Walt Disney World is made up of 4 separate theme parks. They are Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. You must decide what parks out of the 4 you wish to visit before purchasing your tickets. Disney Ticket options are explained here.

For Walt Disney World you need to decide if you will be visiting one park each day you go or if you need to have the option to park hop. Park hopping means visiting more than one park on any given day.

Universal Orlando consists of 2 separate theme parks called Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Universal Ticket Options are here.

Try to plan your days out in advance. This will help when planning out what tickets you will need in advance.

Decide how many days you have to visit and what are the priority attractions and or theme parks you want to see.

Consult the schedules for the different attractions to find out what time they close. This will help to maximize your time and you will get to see more.

Remember buying your Orlando Tickets in advance means you can save money by not paying the gate prices when you arrive. It also means you can save your vacation time by not having to wait in lines that can be up to 45 minutes long to pay full price.

3 Ways to get Discount Orlando Tickets & Orlando Theme Park Tickets:

1.Discount Resort / Hotel Stays with Tickets & Resort Preview- More Information

Vacation resorts offer discount tickets by families coming to the resort and by letting them show you around. There reason is that in the future they would like you to come back and stay with them. They would also like your word of mouth advertising, this means going back to your hometown and letting your friends, neighbors, and relatives know about the great resort you saw while on your vacation.What is vacation preview?

We have Resorts that offer Discount Vacation Stays and Discount Ticket Packages Visit Orlando Welcome Center for more information.

2.Discounted Tickets With Resort Preview - More Information

We offer discount tickets with resort previews. Tickets are discounted well below gate price save time and money. There are certain qualifications in order to get the discounted tickets. You must attend a Resort Preview.

3.Discounted Tickets Without a Preview- More Information

We offer discount tickets without resort previews. The tickets are below gate price and you do save time and money. You can have them mailed to you or pick them up at our convenient location.

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