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Marvel Super Hero Island - Islands Of Adventure

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Another land of oversized heroes and villains, Marvel Super Hero Island looks as if it was taken right from the pages of a graphic novel. The whole land has a metallic hue, full of clean hard lines and polished alloy. All of the shops and restaurants are named in that nondescript, comic-book style that just says "Diner" or "Cafe." Comic book greats such as the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer tower over guests in life-size cutout form.
Marvel Super Hero Island at Islands of Adventure

Marvel Super Hero Island

The city juts into the sky - a monument to the really unexpected. Within, super-human men and women, adorned like modern gladiators, pit themselves on opposite sides of good and evil. What happens to the innocent bystanders in Super Hero Island
Marvel Super Hero Island

It's perhaps the biggest news story of all time.. The Statue of Liberty has vanished, and you've volunteered to get the scoop. Race through the city and join forces with the world's favorite web-slinger as you go up against Doctor Octupus and a host of villains in a no-holds-barred battle to save the city from evil! Amazing 3-D action erupts all around you while you take on the Hobgoblin and his exploding pumpkin bombs.

Spiderman ride at Islandso Of Adventuire in Orlando Florida.  considered by many to be the nest attraction at any theme park in the world.

Next, dodge Doc Ock's lunging tentacles.You'll be caught in the line of fire and live the story first-hand in the most incredible action-packed adventure ever - the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
Feel The Rage Incredible Hulk

You'll be transformed by the slingshot Gamma Ray booster as you go from 0-to-40 miles-per-hour in two seconds and launch into the Incredible Hulk Coaster. You'll feel the power of the jade giant himself when you get blasted out with the full-throttle thrust of an F-16 fighter jet. It's just the blazing start of a thunderous roll through the air at
speeds of up to 60 mph. You'll be flung up to 110 feet in the air and then go plummeting toward earth on drops as far down as 105 feet. You'll go weightless on a Zero-G roll, go below water and above buildings. And when it's all over, you'll know what it's like being green.

Hulk Roller Coaster
Marvel Super Hero Island

Get ready for the kind of gut wrenching, blood-draining white-faced fear you thought only existed in the comic books. Power crazed Doctor Doom, the most sinister Super-Villain ever to challenge the Fantastic Four, has a new scheme to conquer the world. This time, he wants to drain your fear in order to vanquish hisfoes. Try to hold on as he launches you up thorugh 200 menacing feet of steel, only to send you on the most dreadful plunge of your life in Doctor Doom's Fearfall.

Marvel Super Hero Island
Marvel Comics, Marvel Super Heroes and all Marvel characters, names, and likenesses TM & © 1999 Marvel Characters, Inc. ©1999 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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Marvel Super Hero Island - Islands of Adventure - Universal Orlando

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