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Take a free-flying adventure across the natural wonders of the Golden State aboard this thrilling Epcot park attraction. With the wind in your hair, glide 40 feet in the air as you look down upon the breathtaking vistas of Yosemite and redwood forests. Soar as high as your imagination over a world of wonders.

Epcot Soarin


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Disney Epcot Tickets Soarin at Epcot Disney
Epcot Soarin' Height Requirement: 40" (102 cm) or taller

This Epcot attraction hasDisney FASTPASS

An instant classic and among Imagineering's best achievements, Soarin' is the definitive attraction at the park where it debuted, Disney's California Adventure: It's a captivating Disney E-ticket ride; it's all about California and its legendary sights; and it's a giddy adventure that engages your senses and figuratively, if not damn near literally, sends you Soarin'. It's so popular that Disney cloned the ride at Epcot. Now Florida audiences can experience the Soarin' hoopla.  nstead of the vintage aircraft hangar that houses the West-coast version of the attraction, Epcot's the Land is the place to go Soarin' at Walt Disney World. Sharing the bottom floor with the huge Sunshine Seasons food court (where you can find some unique and delicious "fast-casual" fare), the entrance and queue area for the ride looks like a bustling modern-day airport terminal. Large murals of California's diverse ecosystems hang in the long walkway to the attraction and help establish the connection to the Land pavilion's theme.

Epcot Soarin' vehicle consists of three rows of seats under a wing-like canopy. After guests have been safely restrained in the vehicle, the canopy comes down and a cantilever system lifts the chairs forward and into the air with the guests' feet dangling free. the vehicle is lifted into a huge IMAX Dome movie screen onto which scenes of California are projected. Since the vehicle is moved forward into the dome, the effect is such that guests can only see the images projected on the screen and are given the sensation of flying.

Soarin at EpcotTo enhance the illusion of flight, small motions of the seats such as tipping on turns and slight up and down movements are synchronized to the film. Fans blow breezes across the faces of riders to increase the sensation of flight. In addition, scents complimenting the various scenes are injected into the air streams blowing on riders. In the Ventura orange field scene, for example, guests are treated to the scent of orange blossoms. the Monterey and Malibu scenes have the scent of a sea breeze while the Palm Springs and Anza-Borrego scenes feature the scent of sagebrush.

Epcot Soarin attraction is tied into the park'sDisney FASTPASS system, thus preventing long waits. However, in peak times of the year, wait times can be in excess of 2 hours even with the operation of the FASTPASS system. Also, the ride has a "single riders" line built, but has yet to be used, and is unlikely to be actually utilized. the attraction is approximately five minutes long.
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