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Disney Secrets - Secrets of Walt Disney World

Electrical Water Pageant - Secrets of Walt Disney World
Can only be seen at Polynesian Resort (9 PM watch from the beach) Grand Floridian 9:15 PM, Wilderness Lodge 9:35pm, Ft Wilderness 9:45pm & the Contemporary Resort at 10pm. Its really short, so you can't be late.

Character Photograph - Disney Secrets
If you eat at a character Dinner at any resort, tell your kids to write down their name and address on a small piece of paper and give it to the characters. Most likely the characters will send you an 8 by 11 photo of themselves, and they'll sign it too!

FIREWORKS - Disney Secrets
View from California Grill in Contemporary resort.
See 'angels' when wearing 3D glasses to view the fireworks. Its very cool! Try it!
See Tinkerbell's flight as the Magic Kingdom fireworks begin.
Watch the Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks from the outdoor porch at Narcoossees.
the best view of the fireworks is from Mickey's Toontown Fair. they are set off in Mickey's backyard, and they are very loud as this is as close as you can get to the launch point. Much less crowded, too. Ask a cast member where to stand so you can see Tinker Bell fly.

GENERAL Disney Secrets

Talk to the bus driver, he may give you a cute little card that says Assistant Bus driver on it.
Ride up front with the driver on the Monorails & ask for a monorail certificate.
Get Guest of Honor badges!

Make sure to have an autograph book and a fat pen so the characters can hold it easier.
Look for the Hidden Mickey's throughout Walt Disney World Children should sit on the outside of the table at character meals so the characters can interact with them.

Seeing Goofy ski on Seven Seas Lagoon first thing in the morning.
Make good use of Disney Fast pass!
Bring a prepaid phone card with you, and use a pay-phone in your resort or at the parks.
Give your children a disposable camera to take their own vacation pictures.
Buy a disposable waterproof camera take it to the Disney World water parks & hotel pool for some really cool underwater shots!

EPCOT - Disney Secrets
there's a maze in UK at Epcot, it's in the garden area across from the Rose & Crown and behind the gift shops. Unless you're right in front of the shrubs it would be easy to miss. It is an English style maze made of Boxwoods. there are different stopping stations in the maze, with a rubber stamper. When you exit the maze you have formed yourself a picture of Tigger with the stampers.
Watch Off Kilter in World Showcase& the people enjoying them!!
See the Dancing Fountain located directly across from the Fountain View Cafon the plaza behind Spaceship Earth.
Play in the Magic Water Fountain on the walkway between Future World and Epcot World Showcase (on the right when walking to Epcot World Showcase).
Another "Magic Water Fountain" on the east side of Future World, in between Innoventions East and (I think) Horizons.
Toss your waste in a Talking Trashcan . there's one by the Electric Umbrella next to Innoventions.
the Butterfly Garden near the entrance to Test Track -- follow the path near the Cool Wash on your way to Epcot World Showcase.
In Innoventions West, at the IBM exhibit, you can actually e-mail pictures of yourself.
In Innoventions West, you can have a colour photo taken and given to you as a souvenir at the Pixography exhibit.
At Innoventions East you can send a 10 second video clip via e-mail to folks back home.
Each country had a table set up for children to sit at with 3-4 cast members, and were given free masks to decorate.
Buy the Epcot Passport, for $10 you get a button, plus a passport and a set of stamps for each country
Find the trained squirrels in Epcot.
the solar powered lawnmower at EPCOT.
the music in the "bushes" as you walk into Epcot!
Living Statues at Epcot's France pavilion.
Tiny lights in the sidewalk in Futureworld.
Norway boat ride, be first of the day and get a Viking hat with a certificate that says Viking of the Day
the hidden Mickey on the Norway ride.
the troll you take pictures with in the Norway store!
Being in Germany at the top of the hour.
the garden behind England in Epcot - stop and smell the flowers and just relax.
Enter Epcot through the International Gateway before 11 a.m., take a leisurely stroll through UK and Canada with no crowds. Get some great pictures!
Find the Secret Garden in the UK. Take the path running down the French side of the Rose & Crown that screams "just ignore me!" there's a nice little sitting area there right by the lagoon.
the little park in the UK pavilion. Follow the lane that leads away from the waterfront and the park is just around the corner with hedgerow maze. Also a GREAT place to find characters like Pooh and Eeyore and Piglet.
Drink from a Talking Water Fountain. there are three that we know of: if you face the "Fountain of Nations" with Spaceship Earth behind you, the talking water fountain is outside the Mouse Gear Shop (east side) on your left. the second one can be found one to the right of the magic/play fountain between World Showcase and Future World . there is a third one located behind Innoventions West , near the restroom, sort of between Innoventions and the Honey I Shrunk the Audience Pavilion
When you are in Future world when it's getting dark, look down at the sidewalks and you'll see a light show made up from thousands of tiny lights embedded in the sidewalk.
In the world Showcase next to Germany there is a walk through model railway.

ANIMAL KINGDOM - Disney Secrets
there are 27 hidden Mickey's in the mural in the Animal Kingdom Conservation Station.
the animatronic characters (Goofy & Donald) fishing in the stream at AK.
Watching the dragon blow out fire from the cave at Animal Kingdom.
the person knocking on the door in Harambe at AK by Tusker House.
Song of the Rainforest in Conservation Station.
the waterlilly pools at AK (at Flametree BBQ).
the hidden trail at AK. Designed for the adventurous type. Between Asia and Africa.
Devine a lady on stilts wrapped in vine. Until she moves you just think shes part of the landscape.
the bridge where the Kali River Rapids ride ends. there are 2 elephants that people on the bridge can make shoot water by pushing a button. (the elephant wash and dry at Conservation Station).

Disney Hollywood Studios - Disney Secrets
Dorothys ruby slippers and Mary Poppins carousel at MGM.
the key under the mat at Muppets 3D.
Open the wooden crates next to the AFI shop at the Back Lot Tour ride.
Andy Mation, the balloonimator, performs in the Animation Courtyard M-F: 11 AM to aprox.4 PM.
Star Tours photo op: go right across the walkway and you'll see the STARCRUISER backdrop.
the "Singing in the Rain" umbrella is attached to one of the streetlights near the Hunchback theatre.
Outside of Indiana Jones is a rope that goes into a well.....pull it!
Go to the second showing of Fantasmic.
At the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids play area, climb the stairs between the garden hose and the slide coming out of a roll of film. there is a dog nose. Put your hand in the nostrils. the dog sniffs you!

DOWNTOWN DISNEY - Disney Secrets
Find the napping LEGO dad at DD, he's sat on a bench and snoring.
Get a Sticker Hunt book from a Disney store CM in the Marketplace. there are 15 stickers to collect from stores.
Stop in the Art of Disney store! they run a trivia quiz every day and give out prizes if you get them all right!
Jumping fountains at Downtown Village - small ones at main entrance and further around the corner, larger version. DOWNTOWN DISNEY WESTSIDE

MAGIC KINGDOM - Disney Secrets
Check out the paw prints in front of the stairs leading to Tony's Town Square.
there are new Tiki god statutes in Adventureland next to Bwana Bob's, careful -- they spit water at you! Turnstiles to the right side of the Magic Kingdom gates are MUCH more crowded than those on the left side (near the monorail).
Ride the new Winnie the Pooh ride and smell the honey in the air.
the trees in tomorrow land.
Ride TTA and hear "Paging Mr. Tom Morrow".
On Buzz Lightyear you can score more points by holding the button down for the duration of the ride.
Get a haircut at the barber in Magic Kindom.
Tug on the Liberty Bell rope in Liberty Square.
the narration & music while riding the railroad in Magic Kingdom.
Getting a peek inside Space Mt. while riding TTA.
the artwork in Minnie's House.
the Mickey shaped manhole covers in Toontown.
Clawed scratched floor at Country Bear Jamboree waiting area.
the parrot outside of Pirates.
Riding through Buzz Lightyear on the TTA.
Riding through Space Mountain on the TTA.
Find your picture after Space Mountain.
Being told to "Drag my wretched body to the DEAD center of the room".(Haunted Mansion)
Hearing for the first time "Dead men tell no tales......".(Pirates of the Carribiean)
See Walt and Mickey holding hands in front of the castle.
Find the wedding ring embedded in the cement outside of the Haunted Mansion.
Making a wish in the well outside the castle.
Toontown is uncrowded about an hour before closing.
Picture of Mr. Toad handing Winnie the Pooh the deed to the ride. (in Owl's house on Winnie the Pooh ride.)
there are only 4 hitching posts with no horse heads on them. Can you find them they are all on Main street.
the area next to City Hall is a great place to find characters.
View the afternoon Magic Kingdom parade at the right of the entrance to the Liberty Tree Tavern Restaurant in Liberty Square.
Check out the Talking Trash Cans. In the Magic Kingdom , go to Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland . It is located in the *room* that the stage is located in and on the left-hand wall as you enter the room from the counters.
See characters, at Toontown rope drop. Each character chose one child to personally escort into Toontown!Rope drop at Toontown is the "opening" of Toontown each day. On Early Entry Days, Toontown typically opens at 9 a.m. On non-Early Entry Days, Toontown typically opens at 10:00 a.m. Characters come out to facilitate the rope drop, and each character will select a child to escort into Toontown.
At Cinderella's Royal Table, stand in front of the throne and look up to the right and you will see Gus and Jacques!
On Main Street at the back of the first alley on your right as you face the Castle, on the top floor is a dance studio, if you listen you can hear tap shoes. In that same alley is piano lessons and you hear the lessons going on.

RESORTS - Disney Secrets
the petting zoo at Fort Wilderness (just south of Pioneer Hall ). Take boat or bus to Fort Wilderness
Find the lawnmower that has a tree grown around it at Fort Wilderness.
Go to Fort Wilderness for the campfire/sing-along, nightly at 7pm behind the Meadow Trading Post.
Wilderness Lodge: Sit in the rows of rocking chairs in front of a huge stone fireplace (Chip and Dale may visit).
Ask at the Front Desk for a kid's activity/colouring book/goodie bag at the Wilderness Lodge.
At Wilderness Lodge see Disney's version of Old Faithful (erupts on the half hour).
the animal tracks in the cement and nature sounds outside the Wilderness Lodge.
Go to the toy story playground and ASMo.
the doorman at beachclub (Good morning Sir Madame little Madame).
FREE vintage Wurlitzer juke box full of old rock and roll records at Beaches and Cream Soda Shoppe at the YC.
Go to the balcony of the California Grill on the 15th floor of the Contemporary Resort for a magnificent view of Magic Kingdom.
Visit the Maya Temple Pool area at Coronado Springs ....it's a stunner!


Napkins and plastic drink cups from the food courts and vendors. Don't cost a penny.
Postcards at Disney World (.40). Buy one of a character and get them to autograph it.
there are Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels at AK for .50 per bag!!
Pressed pennies. $.51 each. (Make fridge magnets from them)
Disney dollars!
WDW pens with the characters on them. they're big and round & about $2.00 each.
Disney Pins, magnets and float-pens are park/attraction specific. Only $1-$3 apiece.
Drink holders (the ones that hang around your neck for the bottle water etc.).
Christmas tree ornament from each trip.
Find T-shirts on sale for as little as $8-9 in DD, FW, ASMo.
Belz Outlet Mall. Character Warehouse and Character Premier.

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