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Busch Gardens Attractions. Rollercoaster buffs can enjoy a topsy turvey day on superb rides like Kumba, where you hit some loops doing 60mph! Montu is an equally fearsome Egyptian thriller that will scare the pyramids off you, while Cheetah Hunt also has a couple of twists in its tail! Cool off on the Tanganyika Tidalwave, where the spectators get wetter than the participants (don't tell granny!) or try the Congo River Rapids, an old favorite that seems to get wetter every time we ride it! Sheikra is a heart stopping ‘dive coaster’ that swoops straight down at a mind boggling 90 degrees!

Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa

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Busch Gardens Attractions
Cheetah Hunt
Cheetah Hunt
Launch into the ultimate excitement of Cheetah Hunt, our newest roller coaster experience that coaster enthusiasts can't stop talking about. This triple launch coaster carries riders high above the park, then races down along the ground through a rocky gorge. At a length of 4,400 feet, it is the park’s longest thrill ride attraction.
Congo River Rapids
Congo River Rapids
Encounter the swift-flowing white water of the Congo River Rapids. Spin through a geyser, face an ominous waterfall, and other thrilling obstacles in a 12-person raft. You must be 42 inches tall to ride this ride and other safety restrictions may apply. Congo River Rapids is scheduled for routine maintenance starting Nov. 1 and will resume normal operation on Nov. 21, 2006.
Sheikra SheiKra carries riders up 200 feet at 45 degrees, then hurtles them 70 mph back toward the ground at a 90-degree angle. It is the first coaster of its kind in the Americas and only the third in the world.

SheiKra is the first dive coaster to incorporate an Immelmann loop, a water feature, and a second 90-degree 138-foot drop through an underground tunnel. SheiKra also includes a 360-degree climbing carousel. 3,188 feet of steel track offers a total ride time of just over three minutes. You must be 54 inches tall to ride SheiKra and other safety restrictions may apply.

Sand Serpent
Sand Serpent Challenge the crazy curves and hairpin turns of Sand Serpent. This five-story family coaster takes you on an adventure in the heart of exotic Timbuktu. You must be 46 inches tall and at least 6 years old to ride Sand Serpent. Other safety restrictions may apply.
Gwazi Gwazi is Busch Gardens Tampa Bay's mammoth double wooden coaster. It is also the Southeast's largest and fastest double wooden roller coaster boasting more than 1.25 million board feet of lumber and over 2 million bolted connections. Named after a fabled lion with a tiger's head, Gwazi races riders through almost 7,000 feet of track and is two distinct coasters intertwined:

The Gwazi Tiger has an element that gives riders a slalom sensation more like a bobsled than a wooden coaster.

The Gwazi Lion's highlight is a seemingly continuous number of spirals.

You must be over 48 inches tall to ride Gwazi and other restrictions may apply.

Kumba Come ride Kumba, one of the world's best roller coasters. After the blood-curdling thrill of an initial 135 foot drop, you will plunge from 110 feet into a diving loop, feel a full 3 seconds of absolute weightlessness while spiraling 360 degrees, and tear through one of the world's largest vertical loops. You must be 54 inches tall to ride Kumba and other safety restrictions may apply.
Montu Feel the ultimate rush on Montu - one of the tallest and longest inverted roller coasters in the world. Experience the thrill of an inverse diving loop and a 60-foot vertical loop while you endure speeds of over 60 miles per hour and a G-force of 3.85. You must be 54 inches tall to ride and other safety restrictions may apply.
Scorpion Feel the "sting" of Scorpion's terrifying 60-foot drop and 360 degree loop at incredible speeds. You can find the Scorpion in Timbuktu...If you dare. You must be 42 inches tall to ride and other safety restrictions may apply.
Stanley Falls
Stanley Falls Cool off on Stanley Falls. Our Log Flume whisks your whole family through a splashing trip ending in a 40-foot drop that's sure to get you soaked. You must be 46 inches tall minimum or a minimum of 2 years of age accompanied by an adult to ride Stanley Falls. Other safety restrictions may apply.
Tanganyika Tidal Wave
Tanganyika Tidal Wave Watch out when your seemingly tranquil jungle journey aboard a 20-passenger boat ends with a sudden plunge down a 55-foot drop. This creates an enormous wave that gets everyone sopping wet. You must be 48 inches tall and other restrictions may apply.

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