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Imagine a majestic castle high upon a hill. Upon its turrets, colorful banners wave gently in the wind. Within its walls, spirited stallions perform for their masters. On this day, his majesty, King Alphonso the Magnificent, has invited six of the most noble knights of the realm to compete in a tournament of games, jousting, and hand-to-hand combat. Only one knight shall be victorious and become the personal champion to the King. Now is the time to begin our magnificent journey into the past. This is Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.

Dinner Show at Medieval Times
Enter the court of King Don Alphonso the
Magnificent and the lovely Queen Inez.
Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament
A grand tournament and feast await inside brthe majestic Grand Ceremonial Arena.
Medieval Tournament and Dinner
Knights compete in tournament games of skill and accuracy at Medieval Times dinner and Tournament Show

Medieval Dinner Show Orlando Area
During the tournament games, a victorious knight presents the gift of a flower to a noble lady in his pavillion.

Medieval Times Dinner Show Florida
A knight wields lance and shield in preparation for the tournament royale.
Medieval Times Tickets
Mounted knights reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour in the exciting medieval joust.
Medieval Times Dinner Show Tickets
the action intensifies as knights engage in dangerous hand-to-hand combat using authentic period weaponry.
Dinner Show Tickets
the surviving knight is declared personal champion to the King.
Orlando Dinner Show Tickets
the King's personal champion earns the right to select his Queen of Love and Beauty from among the castle's fair maidens.
Dinner and Tournament in Orlando Florida
the Champion issues a final salute to the noble Lords and Ladies of the land..
Medieval Times Tickets
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